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Most schools are still closed for the pandemic, but with the reduced costs associated with online learning, school budgets are open for business.

If you’re looking for places to spend your budget, think about repairing your school’s asphalt paved facilities like the playground’s blacktop, basketball court, and parking lot with asphalt paving services from Brothers Paving!

A school playground that is well maintained keeps kids active and healthy. It’s a place where they can play dodgeball, tag, foursquare, and jump-rope easily without fear of getting hurt. But if the blacktop is not smooth, schoolyard kids can turn an ankle, trip and skin a knee, or get injured in any number of ways.

That’s why you need to repair any potholes, cracks, and raised areas of your school’s asphalt blacktop, basketball courts, playground, and parking lots right away. Your kids will definitely thank you!

Especially now that school is no longer in person, this is a great time to make improvements to your facilities before the kids come back to class next year.

Recess is more fun when it’s safe, so make sure that your school’s asphalt pavement is safe and smooth with help from Brothers Paving.