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When you have asphalt sealcoating completed, one thing you might wonder is how long that it should last. The answer is that with the proper care it should last at least three to five years and possibly longer. When a roadway is completed it is advantageous to get some traffic onto the sealcoat as soon as you can.

This will help to embed the aggregate. On a driveway this does not occur as much, so you might not be able to get the embedment that is needed unless it is rolled with a pneumatic roller. Even so, since there is not as much traffic on a driveway, the seal coat should not wear down as quickly, so you should be able to get closer to five years of use out of it.

It is important to note that how long it is going to last will depend on how it is being applied and how good the materials are when they are applied. Also, if you plow your driveway during the winter months, it is going to reduce the lifespan of the sealcoat as well.