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In a world filled with concrete pavers, opting for a driveway made with natural stone immediately makes your home or commercial property stand out. Stone driveways aren’t just durable and fairly easy to maintain; thanks to the great impression they make, having a stone driveway may even raise the value of your property.

How are the stone pavements in driveways manufactured, though? While you can choose from multiple different kinds of stone for your driveway, such as granite, cobblestone, bluestone, and basalt, all stone pavements start out in a quarry. Here, larger blocks of stone are mined, extracted using large mobile equipment, and cut into more transport-ready sizes.

The next step would be to cut the stone in question into slabs in a factory. Gang saws with water-based cooling mechanisms carefully and slowly finish this delicate task.

Your stone tiles may be polished to perfection, or remain unfinished, retaining their natural texture. Polishing the tiles would, where applicable, be the next step in the manufacturing process. The slabs are then ready to be cut into their final dimensions and shapes — and if you are currently shopping for natural stone pavers for a new driveway, you are bound to be surprised by the sheer variety of options on offer.

Before these finished tiles or stones are ready for sale, they will, of course, have to pass a meticulous quality assessment.

Your stone pavers might be finished, but the driveway installation process is only just beginning. After the sod and topsoil are methodically cleared, and the driveway is graded, a gravel base should be added to ensure that your stone driveway will not shift over time.

Depending on your climate, several additional base layers are recommended to prolong the lifespan of your stone pavement. You can choose from a variety of laying patterns for your stone pavement, from traditional herringbone patterns to ashlar patterns that create a distinctly modern atmosphere.