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Most people use their driveway every single day (at least twice) to get in and out of their property or garage with their cars. Homeowners who commute to work every day are especially aware of how relieving it feels to pull into their driveway after a long day and feel that they are finally home.

But sometimes that process of driving into your property is not as relaxing as it should be. Over time, the surface of your driveway starts to experience distress. Surface distress is caused by various factors, such as the natural elements, drainage problems, and fatigue from the constant weight and pressure of cars driving over the pavement every day.

Here are 3 signs that your driveway needs to be repaved:

1. Crackin’ Me Up

It’s no joke; a crack in your driveway can cause a lot of problems. Cracks can show up along or across the length of your driveway and is usually a sign of excessive surface wear or a crumbling foundation.

Cracks create a passageway for water to seep through and below the surface of your driveway. This can cause the foundation to become displaced as it expands and contracts according to seasonal weather.

2. Fill ‘er Up

Potholes can cause severe damage to vehicles’ tires and suspensions. When cracks in asphalt aren’t repaired in time, they typically grow deeper and wider and eventually become potholes.

One small pothole can grow to be a large inconvenience if you don’t get it filled right away. You don’t want to head up your driveway too fast one day and slam your head on the ceiling of your car.

3. Not a Pool for Swimming

If you start noticing water pooling on your driveway, then it’s definitely a sign that it’s ready for a facelift. This is a symptom of poor drainage, caused by depressions that form over time on the asphalt’s surface.

Not only are these pools a nuisance to deal with on rainy days, but they also accelerate the overall deterioration of your driveway.

Re-paving your driveway can be an easy and affordable experience with Brother’s Paving. Contact us today for more information on our services.