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You may have never stopped to consider the importance that pavement markings hold in day-to-day life. Understandable— after all, we mostly tend to drive over and past these markings with barely giving them even a glance.

The uniform application of these markings on asphalt pavement are essential in ensuring that our roadways stay safe and efficient. They provide information to drivers in the form of outlining traffic lanes and roadway paths; and tasking us on vehicle positioning, roadway alignment, and other driving-related directions.

Pavement striping is especially beneficial in parking lots. Did you know that about 20% of car accidents occur in parking lots? Many times, the main issue does revolve around driver distractedness— but it also has a lot to do with not having clear marks on the parking lot pavement.

What is Parking Lot Striping?

Parking lot stripes consist of all the markings and lines on the pavement of a parking lot. They’re designated to maintain safety in an area that can become easily polluted with the traffic of cars coming and going. They assist in making it easy for automotive vehicles to navigate in, out, and throughout the parking lot.

Stripes include: the lines that enclose each parking spot, reserved parking, handicapped parking, and the arrows that dictate traffic directions. Additionally, they include the lettered signs that read SLOW, STOP, ENTER, EXIT, NO PARKING, and LOADING ONLY. They also encompass speed limits and all other directions instituted to ensure the safety and efficiency of overall traffic flow.

Benefits of Parking Lot Striping

Meeting Legal Requirements

There are state and federal regulations for parking lots. This includes having specific markings, such as wheelchair markings, fire safety, and general safety signage. Putting these in place is the difference between you being fined for potentially thousands of dollars or not. 


It’s important to have well-defined traffic lines placed throughout your parking lot in order to prevent car accidents. You don’t want any of your customers or clients getting injured in your parking lot. You’ll want to protect both their well-being and yours (in the case you get sued for negligence in marking your lot).

Drivers typically get into parking lot accidents when: two cars simultaneously back out of their spots into one another, cars compete for the same spot, or when a driver isn’t paying attention and ends up driving too fast—rear-ending a car or pedestrian as they back out.

Markings can help encourage drivers to drive slowly within a parking lot and to pay attention to other cars and pedestrians in the area. 

Boost Curb Appeal and Professionalism

Sharply-defined, newly-painted lines help in making your parking lot look professional. This will give your image and brand a boost, ultimately inviting new customers and clients to visit your establishment. It’s an easy boost for the curb appeal of your building and/or business.

It also shows that you value your current customers, clients, and visitors in making their experience with your establishment from beginning to finish safe, convenient, and pleasant.