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When choosing a paving company, it may seem like they are all the same. However, knowing the difference in a quality paving service is important in choosing the right paving company to work on your property. Here are a few signs that you’re working with a quality paving service.

1. On Time – Pavers who make and keep appointments are important, but also who can complete the job in the time frame that was promised during the initial hiring process.
2. Friendly Service – Since they are coming to your property and providing a service to you, being kind and communicative is important to making you feel secure.
3. Proof of Past Work – By seeing examples of previous clients, you are able to get a sense of the actual work they have done in the past. Anyone can claim that they pave smooth driveways, but giving proof is a sure way to knowing they provide a quality paving service.
4. Price Transparency – Being expensive doesn’t always mean better. Quality paving companies do not have to be at a certain price point, but a good paving service will let you know from the beginning what price you will pay.

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