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When laying pavement for any surface, whether it’s a driveway, sidewalk or parking lot, an important step of the process is grading. Professional grading services by Brother’s Paving allow your next paving job to go smoothly. But what does “grading” mean exactly?

Grading sounds like it should be related to just schoolwork, but it is actually the process of leveling the ground before laying down pavement. This is important for making sure the slope, if any, of the paved area is smooth and gradual enough that it will be easy to drive or walk on. Prepping the area for paving is more than just grading, but the grading process requires specific skill and equipment to engineer the proper surface for any type of pavement you wish to lay down.

Grading is necessary even if you are just repaving your existing driveway or other surface. This is a crucial part of any paving company’s service offerings, including Brother’s Paving, and we do it very well.

Our expert team of paving technicians will help you to get your ideal driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot pavement that will fit your budget, time, and aesthetics, including the grading process. Contact Brother’s Paving for more information.