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When laying pavement for any surface, whether it’s a driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot, an important step of the process is grading. Professional grading services by Brother’s Paving allow your next paving job to go smoothly. But what does “grading” mean exactly?

What Is Land Grading?

Grading sounds like it should be related to just schoolwork, but it is actually the process of leveling the ground before laying down the pavement. This is important for making sure the slope, if any, of the paved area is smooth and gradual enough that it will be easy to drive or walk on. Prepping the area for paving is more than just grading, but the grading process requires specific skill and equipment to engineer the proper surface for any type of pavement you wish to lay down.

What Are the Different Kinds of Land Grading?

There are several different types of land grading.

Each parcel of land is unique in terms of its natural grading, soil makeup, and vegetation, among other characteristics. Furthermore, each landowner has a unique set of requirements for their property. Thus, there are numerous types of land grading to choose from.

Bobcat Construction Equipment

One of the most versatile pieces of machinery available, a Bobcat can scoop and move dirt, and then use a separate attachment to flatten and smooth off the newly created surface.

Drainage Solutions

Drainage is a key component of every construction project. In addition, it can be performed by grading the land on a slope to move water downhill and into a stream or runoff, or by burying drainage pipes in the ground to collect water.


Making a hole, rather than filling one, is sometimes necessary in order to get the desired grade. Excavating is the process of digging down to produce a low-lying area, such as for a structure’s foundation or a road’s foundation.

Surface Smoothing

Even a section of ground that appears to be flat is not flat. Proper surface smoothing, on the other hand, can ensure that your hardscaping project starts with a clean slate.

Topsoil Installation

When there isn’t enough dirt available in the immediate region to grade the ground as intended, it may be required to bring in some topsoil to make up the difference. It is also beneficial for providing a foundation of healthy soil for plants to grow on, and it is generally more aesthetically beautiful than the dirt that is currently in the ground.

Grading is necessary even if you are just repaving your existing driveway or another surface. This is a crucial part of any paving company’s service offerings, including Brother’s Paving, and we do it very well.

Our expert team of paving technicians will help you to get your ideal driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot pavement that will fit your budget, time, and aesthetics, including the grading process. Contact Brother’s Paving for more information.