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At Brothers Paving, we specialize in paving, stoning and grading, and other paving services. One of the services we provide to our local customers across Maryland is sealcoating and repair. Not all of our customers know what sealcoating is, or why it’s important, so here’s a short breakdown of sealcoating from the experts.

Sealcoating is also known as pavement sealing. The process involves applying two layers of protective coating to clean and dry asphalt or pavement that has been properly prepped to receive the sealant, and then waiting 24 to 48 hours before vehicles or pedestrians can be allowed back on the pavement.

Sealcoating is a good way to protect your pavement, old or new, from oil stains, water damage from weather, and U.V. damage that will fade the color of your pavement.

Some concerns regarding the environmental impact of sealcoating have been coming to light in recent years, so Brothers Paving works hard to ensure that they are responsible in their application of sealcoating. We take great pains to avoid getting sealcoat on any surface other than the pavement we are working on to protect your property and the environment.

For sealcoating that is effective and responsible, contact Brothers Paving today.